Don’t Let Hearing Loss Stop Phone Calls

If you or a loved one is deaf or hard of hearing, speaking on the telephone can be difficult or nearly impossible. Now, with new technology, you won’t have a problem having a full conversation with your relatives no matter their level of hearing loss. Services are available that employ the use of transcription headsets that allow words to be transcribed onto a screen so your loved one can read instead of hear.

These services allow voice-to-text transcription to occur across any distance. There are advanced telephones designed with screens on the receiver so that you or your relative can have an interrupted conversation. The process is not very well-known to most people that use the phone, so let’s go into a little bit about the process.

When you subscribe to a transcription phone service, you are set up with a brand-new phone and walked through each and every neat feature they include. This is not limited to being able to change the text size for easier reading, the screen brightness for less glare, and the frequency of voices coming through the phone for better hearing.

Once you make your first phone call, you will be connected to a live agent that uses a sophisticated voice-to-text system to transcribe your words into the phone system. Once the phone system receives their transcription, it is sent to the screen of your telephone. You can then read the words your friend or loved one has spoken to you and respond appropriately.

This system works for users that are hard of hearing, such as moderate to severe hearing loss or the inability to hear certain tones or frequencies. It is also great for deaf persons that struggle to communicate without the need for texting.

transcription headsets

Don’t be limited to texting just because you’re deaf or hard of hearing. Look into a transcription phone and start talking to your loved ones again without any hassle or complicated systems.